Simon James Cook

For nearly two decades, I have worked successfully with organisations across the commercial, consumer and education sectors

My experience

Prior to setting up Getvanilla in 2011, I was employed as a Senior Designer and focused team leader within an agency environment, managing FMCG, financial and luxury watch brands. My credibility within the industry has been recognised when my work was called-out in the Recommended Agency Register report. When running a creative project I enjoy forming a strong designer/client bond to ensure that both parties are fully engaged in the whole process not just the outcome.

My location

Located at Forbury Square in the heart of Reading, just a short walk from the recently renovated (and I must say highly impressive!) railway station, I lead Getvanilla and also head-up Alberon's Reading satellite office. With regular trains between London, Oxford and Basingstoke, it's the ideal base to meet up face to face to talk through an ongoing project, present designs and garner instant feedback or simply discuss potential new business creative opportunities.

My role @ Alberon

As a UX/UI web designer at Alberon, my role is to apply a logic driven approach to the creation of large complex websites. This means assessing user journeys, information architecture, client priorities and navigation best-practice to produce a 'blueprint', before embarking on the creative process to produce a compelling front-end design.


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